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IP Geolocation API

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Success teams

The IPIntel Rapid Response customer support team aim to provide a unique and personal response within the hour.

Unlimited usage

We, unlike some competitors, do not rate limit access to our geolocation API, our service was created to remove hassle not create headaches.

Clear pricing

We believe you should only be charged for the services you use at the volume at which you consume them.

A simply RESTful API

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Consumption of our API can be perform with a single vanilla GET request with an appended API key. All output is provided in Json format and API call logs maintained to allow usage audits.


Whitelist your API key

We are serious in our approach to security, and that attitude extends to our public web API. The API has been designed from the ground up to provide the perfect balances of use, speed, and top-notch security. Make use of our optional IP address whitelisting feature to ensure only authorised servers can authenticated to the API using your key.

Honest Pricing

API Usage and billing tariff calculator.

Pricing Calculator

How many IP geolocation lookups do you require?
API Calls Price Per Call Total Price
0 - 1000 Free -
1001 - 3000 $0.0009 -
3001 - 50000 $0.0007 -
50001 - 100000 $0.0006 -
Any Additional $0.0005 -

Our Guarantee

Every account includes
Honest pricing
No hidden fees, just one fully featured plan.
Volume discounts
The more you use, the more you save
No long-term contracts
NET30 Billing cycle, cancel anytime
Pay as you go
Pay only for what you use

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